• Unit leadership will convene as required to have Campaigns planned no less than one month prior to the current Campaign’s conclusion.
  • Unit Leadership will convene one day after the conclusion of an operation:
    • This will allow everyone to absorb and reflect on the previous operation before reconvening calm and collected.
    • A unit operation AAR will be conducted:
      • Points to improve, as discussed in the AAR, will be the focus for weekly subunit training.
      • General outline of the next mission will be reiterated prior to Frag O’s being created.
    • A unit command AAR will be conducted:
      • Amendments to the next planned operation will be discussed and acted upon.
      • Points to improve ZEUSing, operation planning and mission tempo will be tested and adjusted as required.
    • A general meeting will be conducted wherein miscellaneous questions or concerns will be raised and discussed.
About Us

Joint Task Force Phoenix

JTF Phoeninx was founded on 08 Jan 18.  With our Mission Statement ever present in our minds we look to evolve and grow as we challenge ourselves both in missions and as a community. 

Please have a read through of the Unit Charter and feel free to drop by our TeamSpeak and meet the group.