• Age limit: 18.
  • Skill level/experience/hours required: None. We accept players of all skill levels and will work with you to develop and work within the unit.  
  • Written Test: A multiple choice test of ten questions will be required to be taken and passed(80%) before carrying on with recruitment.
  • Interview: We want to meet for a small interview. This isn’t a job interview and we get it. We will go over the unit in detail, our way of doing things in general as well as answer any questions you may have.
  • A Unit Operations and Mod Familiarity Training session will be completed prior to participating in operations. This will ensure that your mod pack, XML and other details are sorted out and working as well as to gain comfort in the mod pack.
  • Pilots attempting direct entry will undergo a screening flight after completing Unit Operations and Mod Familiarity Training. Depending on the individual’s aptitude, attitude and conditions the member may be accepted or moved to the infantry.
About Us

Joint Task Force Phoenix

JTF Phoeninx was founded on 08 Jan 18.  With our Mission Statement ever present in our minds we look to evolve and grow as we challenge ourselves both in missions and as a community. 

Please have a read through of the Unit Charter and feel free to drop by our TeamSpeak and meet the group.