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All right, so...

Backed by popular demand, people seem interested in a WWII Fun Op. I plan to keep it fairly short as I will be gone most of this year.

But depending on popularity I may look at doing more of them.

TIMING: I was thinking of Wednesday evenings. Or even a Friday or Saturday evening as not to conflict with normal Op Times.

WHAT IS WHAT: So it will be infantry focused. I can try to add planes and such (maps don't really allow for it sadly). It will follow the 101st Airborne (loosely) and their fight.

Most importantly I want to know a few things from you guys.

1: If you are interested and can make it on a regular basis.
2: If you guys are okay with a "Fun-op yet semi-serious" campaign. As in the bullshittery will wait till we are DONE the mission.
3: I have 0 problems building things. I know how to do para drops, I know how to make allied/axis armor advance and attack. And I am more than willing to accept things from you guys.
Last and probably the most important...
4: LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS! After this we can do a German/Russian mission. Or Commonwealth/Africa Corps one.

Also I want to state that I think these will only run in winter when people are generally home more.

Hopefully this can attract a new group to our group and convince them to join us on our Sunday Ops.

Again! Let me know what you think, Via Teamspeak, on the website or on Steam. If you don't have me on steam just ask me when you see me for my info.
Posted Jan 5, 19 · OP
Also, out of boredom, I kinda did an outline of what I'm thinking the campaign will look like. Again LET ME KNOW if you have ideas on this.

Op 1: D-Day 0 (Omaha)
Para drop into Omaha. Take out gun battary, and defensive points.

Op 2: D-Day +1 (Omaha)
Take Omaha's main town and its nearest villages.

Op 3: Neaville Offensive (Neaville, France)
Take Le Chateau de Pierra-Julien and hold off counter attack.

Op 4: Neaville Offensive (Neaville, France)
Take Le Chateau de Braye, Compound in 022 035, then hill 92

Op 5: Neaville Offensive (Neaville, France)
Take out defenisives and artillery on Hill 93

Op 6: ""
Take Neaville and hold off immediate counter attack.

Op 7: ""
Clear the road East by taking Les Trois Petits Pains, Le Carrefour Joyeuse and other defenses around the road.

Op 8: Pattons Crossing (Mederet River, France)
Take St Vexage to set up FOB the take Chateau du Bosson to have Arty set up.

Op 9 : ""
Sneak into St Mer Pacese and gather intel for the next raid. Hold off pursuing forces.

Op 10: ""
Push ahead of armor and take Chef Du Pont. Hold a beach head till armor can arrive.
Posted Jan 5, 19 · OP