• There will not be any serious in unit role playing punishments. No push ups, running around the base with your rifle over your head or time outs in the naughty corner.
  • In Game infractions caused by repetitive mistakes violating unit SOPs and rules will be solved with remedial training. If the member fails to gain competency we can look at in game corrective measures if it is kit issues(IE Grenades, Explosives, Bullets), trolling/disruptive behaviour(Member will be excluded from partaking in operations/training), or ability(removal of leadership/flight status).
  • Infractions can also be caused by, but not limited to:
    • Racism;
    • Bigotry(lifestyles, living conditions, religion); and
    • Disruptive and antagonistic behaviour.
  • We expect each offense to differ in severity, consistency and amount of occurrences therefore whenever an offence occurs:
    • The unit command group will gather and everyone will be informed of the issue and discuss it in  detail;
    • The unit command group will talk to the offending member of the offence. The member will be informed how they have violated the unit rules/responsibilities, the general decency/maturity expected of the member; and
    • When the majority of the unit command group has agreed to a punishment, it will me given to the offending member.
  • Part of the unit tracker will be a list of members and their infractions/punishments.
About Us

Joint Task Force Phoenix

JTF Phoeninx was founded on 08 Jan 18.  With our Mission Statement ever present in our minds we look to evolve and grow as we challenge ourselves both in missions and as a community. 

Please have a read through of the Unit Charter and feel free to drop by our TeamSpeak and meet the group.