• Members will have to train in and pass a qualification standard to occupy and use equipment of several roles. This will ensure that members are thoroughly trained and meet the standard expected on the unit to properly employ the equipment used.
  • Members can fail courses. Upon failure the member will be removed from course and await opportunity to attempt the course again.
  • There will be nothing precluding members from “unofficially” training on weapons while on the training server. This is in fact an opportunity to test and practice with all equipment.
    • Vehicles and aircraft will only be used by untrained personnel outside of training time for those specific elements, or in areas that will not affect their scheduled training.
  • On the Job Training can be entertained with the following considerations:
    • Member’s time and conduct with the unit;
    • If the losing subunit can make do without that member;
    • If the role is available;
    • If the role is mission critical;
    • If the role could adversely affect the mission; and
    • This is not a way to work around transfers. OJT’s will not be used to avoid transfer competitions.

Unit Operations and Familiarity Training

  • Not designed to teach people to play arma.
  • Sort out XML and mod issues.
  • Overview and function of mods in use.
  • Keybinding setup (EG. Double G for grenades).
  • Troubleshooting common problems.
  • Go over kit the member will have access to.
  • Weapons - Rifle, M203, LMG, M72. PWT’s used as a baseline, not to fail and redo course.
  • Basic Map and Compass. Small Nav Course.
  • Setting up radio and Intersection Comms.
  • Embussing, Debussing and insertions methods(Rappelling, Parachuting).
  • ACE Advanced Medical
  • Driving(Speed limiter, avoiding possible mines etc)

Support Weapons Course

  • Mines (AP and AT) and mine clearing
  • MMG
  • CarlG


  • Comms with Aircraft
  • Create and control HLZ
  • Complete AdRep, Transport, CAS calls with corrections as required
  • Call in and correct mortar/artillery fire


  • Advanced ACE Medical
  • Comunicate triage with Pl Medic

Platoon Medic

  • Run CCP
  • Communicate triage with Pl 2IC
  • Advanced ACE Medical
  • Train all members in basic ACE FA

Mortar Crew

  • Create and control Mortar Pit
  • Effective with and without targeting computer

Basic Pathfinder

  • Advance land nav and E&E
  • Conducting reconnaissance
  • Comms
  • LZ, DZ and BH marking
  • Insertion methods

Advanced Pathfinder

  • Route selection
  • QRF SOPs
  • Rescue operations
  • Direct Action
  • Escort operations
  • Weapon system familiarization

UAV Pathfinder

  • UAV operation
  • Airspace restrictions
  • Vehicle ID
  • Comm’s with AirDet
  • Laser designating targets
  • AA assessment
  • SALUTE form

Sniper Pathfinder

  • Advanced ballistics
  • Mil math
  • Stalking
  • Target selection
  • Relocating

Basic Pilot

  • Setting and Inter Squadron/Airframe Comms
  • Refueling
  • Rearming
  • Repairing
  • AdRep preparation and loading
  • Sling loading
  • Medical
  • BlueFor Tracker

Winged Pilot

  • Earned by qualifying in one airframe
  • Autorotation
  • Complete a flight course day and night

Pilot Airframe Qualification

  • Complete a flight course day and night
About Us

Joint Task Force Phoenix

JTF Phoeninx was founded on 08 Jan 18.  With our Mission Statement ever present in our minds we look to evolve and grow as we challenge ourselves both in missions and as a community. 

Please have a read through of the Unit Charter and feel free to drop by our TeamSpeak and meet the group.