• First and foremost: try to get along. This doesn’t mean that everyone has to be best of friends but at least put your differences aside or resolve them and carry on.
  • Whenever a conflict needs to be resolved in the unit we have the following guidelines:
    • No one on ones. Two command level members will get together with the members who are having conflict and mediate as well as act as an honest broker. This will minimize the circular fighting of “He said, She said, Zhe said”.
  • If the conflict is between a member and any element commander, then the member may address his issue to any member of the Unit Command Group.
  • The first attempt to resolve conflict must always be at the lowest level.
About Us

Joint Task Force Phoenix

JTF Phoeninx was founded on 08 Jan 18.  With our Mission Statement ever present in our minds we look to evolve and grow as we challenge ourselves both in missions and as a community. 

Please have a read through of the Unit Charter and feel free to drop by our TeamSpeak and meet the group.